Ranch supplies
For the things you need while working around the ranch. Brushes, wool rakes, gate straps, etc...  

Gate Straps

Black resin-coated, steel web clamps on 30" x 1" textured webbing for a secure grip.  Custom lengths available.

Quantity discounts apply, 10% for 12, 20% for 24.

$2.50 each

Long Tooth Undercoat Rake, ergonomic rubber grip, regular teeth  $11.00

These Saboten brand toenail trimmers are a dream to use for smaller hands.  Overall length is 7 1/4" and weighs just 4.6 ounces.

Key features:

Orange handles make them easier to find.

Easy to handle for smaller hands.


Price $20.00

For a demonstration in toenail trimming.

To order you can email, (Richard@llamahardware.com), call (406-890-0109), or use the contact us form on the website.

Undercoat Rake, ergonomic rubber grip, regular teeth  $11.00

JW Round Slicker Brush, Standard pins, ergonomic rubber grip $11.00



JW Round Slicker Brush, Soft Pins, Ergonomic Rubber Grip $11.00

Gray Plastic Brush, shorter, stiffer pins.Millers Forge $9.00