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Outside of pack                                    Inside of weather guard  

The Navy blue Flaming Star pack.

Photos of the Used 4 wheel Wes Holmquest cart setup.

Mouse damage on the weather guard part of the Navy blue Flaming Star pack.

Used saddle for the set Maroon set

Miner rust damage on rings of saddle.

To order you can email, (Richard@llamahardware.com), call (406-890-0109), or use the contact us form on the website.

Here is a great deal from one of our clients in Western Oregon she is selling 2 (deluxe) flaming star packs one Maroon and one Navy. One of the Maroon pannier has a mouse hole in the bottom and minor rust on cinch rings and the Navy colored pack has minor mouse chew marks on inside of the pack.

Sold as is for $250 each , OBO.

Mouse hole damage in the Maroon Flaming Star pack.

Used 4 wheel Wes Holmquest cart,
comes complete with 2 Llama Hardware
draft collar harnesses. The harnesses and the cart top are purple and in
good condition.

Sold as is $750 and purchaser must arrange for
delivery. Located in NE Oregon.

Used 4 wheel Wes Holmquest cart