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Flaming Star Driving gear

Designed and tested by people who cart, available in six colors

fLaming STar Halters

Choose from three styles, two fastening methods and many colors. Available in 3/4" for llamas and 5/8" for alpacas.

Flaming Star Packing gear

Choose from two sizes and five styles of saddles and panniers in

six colors.

Update for August 4, 2019!

Hello everyone. It’s been a great run here at Llama Hardware, but Lynn is retiring in June of next year and we are looking at the direction we want our life to go once that happens.

To that end, Llama Hardware is now up for sale. We would love for the Flaming Star line of pack systems to remain a critical part of the Llama/ Alpaca / Goat world but have other directions for our life to go currently.

Included in the sale are all of the equipment, supplies, data base, web page, and knowledge required to produce and sale all the great products that make up the Llama Hardware line. More details are available by emailing me at: Richard@llamahardware.com


Home of Flaming Star Llama Gear



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