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Flaming Star Driving gear

Designed and tested by people who cart, available in six colors

fLaming STar Halters

Choose from three styles, two fastening methods and many colors. Available in 3/4" for llamas and 5/8" for alpacas.

Flaming Star Packing gear

Choose from two sizes and five styles of saddles and panniers in

six colors.

Update for March 30th, 2021!

Welcome Lisa!

It’s been a great run, but it’s time for me to move on to other things in my life and turn the business of making the best packing system in the world over to Lisa Labendeira in California. She has been in the llama community for 30 years, and you will get to know her well as she takes over the business.

The business name will be changing to Flaming Star Pack Gear. I trust that Lisa will continue the high quality that Llama Hardware has been known for. She will continue the current line of products geared towards llamas, burros, goats and dogs. In addition, Lisa will be expanding on what is produced and offered.

Please be patient with us during the transition from one owner to the next and for Lisa to move the supplies from our location in OR to hers in CA. We will continue to take orders while the new site is being set up through the old email address and should have the new email address and phone number in place by mid April.

Thank you all for your continued support over the years.


Home of Flaming Star Llama Gear