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Flaming Star Driving gear

Designed and tested by people who cart, available in six colors

fLaming STar Halters

Choose from three styles, two fastening methods and many colors. Available in 3/4" for llamas and 5/8" for alpacas.

Flaming Star Packing gear

Choose from two sizes and five styles of saddles and panniers in

six colors.

Update for November 14, 2019!

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Home of Flaming Star Llama Gear

​Starting on November 14th 2019 we at Llama Hardware are changing how we do business. In the past we have been an “as ordered” business and made up the items as people ordered them. That means that the person ordering got the color and style combination they wanted, but it took longer to fill that order because each one was sewn in line of order on a first come, first served type system.

That also created a situation where we were unable to, or rather, unwilling to, leave for long periods of time for vacation or other reasons because then the customers had to wait even longer for their selected item to be completed, something that neither of us wanted.

Because Lynn is retiring in June of 2020 and we are branching out more into the art show market with our wood working, silversmithing, drawing, etc., we need to not add the extra time to customer’s order or the stress of those orders waiting for us to the mix.

So, starting after the current list of orders is complete we will be shifting to an “in stock”
sales method only. This means that if we don’t have an item currently in stock, we will not be able to sell it to you at this time. We will add it to the cue of items that need made, and will contact you when it’s complete, but will NOT guarantee it to be done at any certain time.

In addition, once the inventor of colors is used up we will be cutting back on the variety of choices to limit the number of items we offer. The options of pannier configuration will also drop from four in the Flaming Star line to only two, Standard (to be renamed probably) and the Wrangler (but with only single pull zippers).

The other varieties will be available only as custom orders and the cost will increase to show that option. Rush orders will only be taken if our time line allows and with the understanding that there is no guarantee of it being completed in a short time period or by a given date.

The Trail Boss and the Trail Scout will continue to be produced in the Standard pocket design only.

The driving harness will remain the same as will most of the accessory items offered.

We understand there will be a period of transition and will work to accommodate people as best we can.

We will continue to offer halters only until the current supply of webbing is used up and then those will no longer be offered. Again, based on what is in stock only.

Thank you for working with us in this time of change.

Items available will be noted on the web page as they become available.