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Shaft Bag:

Carry your shafts in a padded bag to keep them from getting scratched.  Comfortable rubber handle, Velcro closure, and extra pocket for  your whip.  Outer shell is made of 1000d Cordura nylon with poly fiber padding sandwiched between the outer cover and 420d pack cloth inside.   Available in standard colors of black, red, royal blue, forest green, teal, navy.  Special order colors on request. 

Price: Shaft Bag$70.00

Flaming Star Driving Halter: Nose band is felt-padded with a steel bar for rigidity and control. D-rings are riveted to the steel bar for attaching the driving lines. The adjustable nose band, poll, and forehead straps fit a wide range of llama heads. First developed by Jim and Amy Logan after years of design and testing then farther modified by Barb Brady. Colors to match harnesses. Recognized as the standard for driving halters.

Price: $35.00

Driving Lines:Double ply 3/4" nylon in 10.5' length for Eagle Carts, and up to 14' length for other carts. Nickel-plated trigger snaps. Standard color is Black. Other colors and specific lengths available upon request.

Price: $20.00

Flaming Star Harness Price: $225.00

Saddle and Chest Plate.

Key Features: of the Flaming Star Harness 1. Saddle has the same spinal clearance as the famous pack saddles 2. Felt padding on breast strap, breeching, and belly strap is covered with fabric for cleanliness 3. Detachable crupper and traces 4. Fleece covered shaft loops 5. Improved hold back straps with a snap on each end and sliding adjustment 6. Neck strap has sliding adjustment and padding over the spine. 7. Double thick felt padding (1/2") in the breast strap 8. Color accent is built in, no need for extra pads.

Fleece covered shaft loops and padding under the cinch buckle.

Detachable crupper.

Saddle showing attachments  to back strap and neck strap.


Flaming Star harness with red accents.

Flaming Star Driving Harness

The saddle has been completely re-designed to provide the same spinal clearance as has existed on
the Flaming Star pack saddles since 1992. 

All felt padding is ¼” thick and covered with fabric in your choice of color.  This prevents the felt
from picking up debris which keeps the harness cleaner and is more comfortable for the llama.  Fabric choices range from 1000d nylon in red, hunter green, royal blue, teal,  navy, or black to 420d nylon in red, royal blue, hunter green,  purple, and black.  The 420d pack
cloth is smooth and shiny, the 1000d nylon is textured and more durable.

The breast strap is padded with 1/4” felt. The neck strap has a sliding pad for cushion over the spine.  The neck strap has a side release buckle and is adjustable with a slider.  Traces are detachable from the breast strap for ease in changing lengths and laundering the breast strap. The breeching and belly strap are also machine washable using a mild detergent. Place in a pillow case and close with a rubber band to protect the hardware. Immediately remove after washing and hang up to air dry.  Do not use bleach.  Washing the saddle is not recommended as there are metal plates inside that stabilize the terrets.
 The cinch is fastened at the left side with a 1” nickel-plated steel buckle (with tongue).  There is a sliding adjustment on the right side.  Both ends of the cinch attach to the saddle with a heavy duty spring clip.  This allows a longer or shorter cinch strap to be easily changed out.  The belly strap slides on the cinch for easy centering.  The belly strap features four D-rings (one on each side for attaching the hold down straps, and one in front and rear for team driving).

 For instructions on fitting the harness to your llama. 

Driving is fun!  Harness the Fun by Jim & Amy Logan will show you how to train your llama to drive! Includes choosing your driving equipment, (everything from the llama to the cart) selecting cues, and the training process from leading to competing! Also included: troubleshooting, to answer the questions, "what if my llama does.....?"   DVD is 75 minutes long.       

Price  $40.00

Loops shown in black attached to purple lines.

Basic cart bag:

Key Features: a full length zipper on a 14" x 14" pocket and two 1" straps with side release buckles to attach to oak boards or expanded metal.  Large enough for a water bottle, cell phone, camera, keys, and a windbreaker.  Ballistic cloth (1680d) available in black.  Colors available in 1000d nylon: red, royal blue, hunter green, burgundy, purple.

Price: Basic Bag 14"x14"         $25.00

Extended cart bag:

The newest size is now available in the standard colors mentioned above.  (Not available in lime green.) See        the color chart for choices. The extended bag features two zipper pulls so the bag can be opened at any point along the flap.  The back features three straps for extra support and to prevent sagging. Room for lunch, water, wind breaker, a few tools and a tire pump!

Price: Extended Bag 27"x14"         $40.00

​Driving loops:

These are great for those who have trouble gripping the driving lines for long periods.  Attaches to lines with a web clamp and can be adjusted quickly up or down the lines as needed.  In an emergency, lines can be grabbed above the loops and held normally. Made from soft, double-ply 1" black webbing with a black resin coated steel web clamp.  Loop measures 11" in circumference.  Other colors in 1" webbing: red, blue, purple.

Key Features:

Great for arthritis sufferers.

Soft webbing is easy on the hands.

Easily adjusts up or down the lines.

Price: $10.00 per pair