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Shown in forest green, royal blue, pale lavender (no longer available), and purple, and available in all the colors of the halters. 

Durable 3/8" Poly Rope in colors similar to the halters.  These ropes are guaranteed not to slip, because a tie wrap is inserted through the middle of both lengths of the rope prior to installing the rope clamp (see first photo).  Each end is carefully melted, then dipped in liquid plastic for a snag-free finish (see second photo).  Leads and tethers can be made to your specifications.  Half inch poly rope also in stock.  

6' length, 1 snap $10.00

6' length, 2 snaps $14.00

Add length per foot $0.25

Flat Leads - double ply, 3/4" nylon in the same high-quality, lustrous webbing that the halters are made from.  Nickel-plated bolt snap on one end and a loop on the other.  Also available with a bolt snap on both ends and custom lengths.

Key Features:

Matches halters perfectly.

Custom lengths available.

One or two bolt snaps

6' flat lead, one bolt snap $7.00

6' flat lead, two bolt snaps $10.00 

Dog collar/ Halter

Looking for a great alternative to your dog's collar? For large breed dogs such as Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Irish Wolf Hounds, etc., our X style halters offer greater control and safety. The halters shown on the Great Dane dogs to the right are made from 3/4" webbing. They can also be made from 5/8" webbing.  Just measure around the muzzle for a great fit!  The grab strap can also be left off.

Halters are $20.00 each

15" nose = 16.5"  halter size

Fixed ring with buckle

Fixed-Ring Halter:

Made from soft, lustrous, high-quality 3/4" nylon (for llamas), 5/8" nylon (for alpacas) webbing and nickel-plated hardware, this type of halter offers the best control of your llama.  These halters are guaranteed to fit your llama if you send me the measurement around your llama's nose where the nose band will go. Adding 1 1/2" to the circumference of your llama's nose yields the correct halter size.  For example, the llama above with the 15" circumference wears a 16 1/2" halter (modeled in the second photo).  The two-ply noseband holds its form for one-handed haltering.  Available in the traditional buckle on the poll strap or the infinitely adjustable aluminum side release.  Colors in 3/4" webbing:  black, brown, red, dark red, royal blue, forest green, purple, navy, burgundy, grape frost, pale lavender, hunter orange, hot pink.  Colors in 5/8" webbing: black, red, blue, forest green, purple, silver.

(colors subject to availability)    

Price for Halters are $20.00 each

All halters are made from the highest quality 3/4" nylon webbing.  It's soft, durable, and comes in brilliant, lustrous colors.  Colors: red, burgundy, royal blue, navy blue, green, purple, black. Flat leads are made from the same webbing.

Also available for leads or tethers are 3/8" and 1/2" poly rope. Colors for 3/8" rope: burgundy, , purple, green, royal blue, navy, black. Colors for 1/2" rope: red, royal blue, purple, black.