6-25-21 Llama Hardware Is now up and running in California.  We are working on changing the name to "Flaming Star Pack Gear" as well as updating the website and catching up on orders!

​​​​​5-2-21 Llama Hardware  was packed up and moved to California. It will take 2 weeks to get things set up and running again. Thank you for your patience.

4-16-21 Llama Hardware is now owned by Lisa Labendeira of Madera CA! It has been a great run and I am thankful to have had the chance to be a part of Llama Hardware. Please welcome Lisa to the fold and know that she will continue to produce Flaming Star Llama Gear with the same pride in workmanship and quality as they have always been done. 

9-25-18 I seem to have a terrible time keeping updates on the web page! Since the last update, nearly a year ago, we have seen the orders for pack systems and blankets increase and harness sales drop a small amount. Still, it's keeping me busier than ever and there are no complaints there! 

10-4-17 Time flies when you are having fun! Life has been busy over the last year and I get sidetracked making things for all my customers and forget to write updates here... Working on changing that!

2-4-16 At a time where orders are filled, or waiting to ship, and I'm doing a bit of leather work. Pommel bags and Tapadero's to start. Will see where the R&D leads for other items.

12-24-15 A full order board has kept me from updating things here on my website the way I want, for that I thank each and everyone of you that made an order! May you have the best holiday possible to match your religion or lifestyle. From me to you, Merry Christmas!

11-17-15 New items soon to be added to the web site are Colored neck bands. Now available in Safety Orange, Purple, Royal Blue, Navy, Forest Green, and Black with reflective strips. Bring attention to your llamas during parades, walks around town, or anywhere you might go. Photos coming soon!

10-6-15 Summer has been a whirl wind event! Fall is now in the air and I'm working to fill orders for coats, halters, and doing some R&D on gear for pack goats! Look for additions to the product line in the near future! AND we now have Purple back in stock for packs and are again making the Safety Orange reflective collars for hunting season.

3-5-15Was caught up for a few minutes. Now working on more orders and stock for the shelves.

1-30-15 Well the shop is 'mostly' set up and I am back to sewing like a mad man on orders!

9-9-14 Fall like weather is here! Falling into a routine and contemplating life's paths!

7-14-14 Catching up on the back orders! Researching 'bear proof' containers (no luck so far, but have not given up) Enjoying summer!

6-11-14 Llama Hardware will be set up at the BCL Rendezvous in Estacada OR on June 27th and 28th. Be sure to come by and say Hello!

6-11-14 We will be traveling starting June 14th, but still have access to email and phone to take orders or answer questions in the evenings.

3-27-14 Llama Hardware has a new owner!  Welcome, Richard and Lynn Galloway!

2-6-14 Hunter orange fabric has been discontinued.  Draft collars have been discontinued.

1-11-14  Here's a new use for my 3-way halters.  Who would've thought they would be perfect for Great Danes!  Check it out:

1-11-14  I'm beginning to get caught up on the huge backlog.  Thanks, everyone, for your patience!

12-1-13  I'm currently running a backlog of orders of about six weeks!  If you've been thinking about placing an order, do it now, as I don't see an end to this surge in sales.  Thanks for your patience!

11-26-13  New! The Cinch-to-Pannier Straps are now constructed of all metal snaps!

1-15-12  For a video demonstration of toenail trimming.

10-13-10 New Products soon to be added to the website!  WATERPROOF, insulated llama coats and neck warmers.  Alpaca halters and headstalls, and fly masks.  Call for more information..

1-24-10  Due to popular demand, I've started posting photos of my various pack trips at http://www.photobucket.com/llamahardware