Color Code Tabs: Find your gear!  Tired of searching through several panniers to find that flashlight or extra water bottle?  Easily clips to various places on the pannier to indicate location of essential gear.  Can be written on with a black marker to further identify where key items are in your packs.  Set of nine in yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, teal, gray, and tan. 

Price: Set of 9.    $10.00

Chest Plate: The chest plate is included in all full size Flaming Star pack systems. It can however be purchased as a separate item if you have purchased a used set or have lost one. The purpose of the chest plate is to keep the saddle from sliding back when stringing llamas.  It attaches to the accessory rings on the saddle with spring clips. Side release buckles are fully adjustable and facilitate install and removing a full pack. Fits the Trail Boss pack system as well. Available in the same colors as the pack systems.

Key Features:

Cushioned strap.

Completely removable.

Adjustable side release buckles make installation easy.

Price: $40 each

Bucket-Plastic: A great way to transport your food and kitchen gear. Seals in everything with an order where ants, squirrels, mice, porcupines, etc. can’t get to it. Can be left on the ground where bears are not an issue or hung from a tree where they are. Each full size Flaming Star pannier holds two buckets. Webbing handles are user friendly, are color coded, and won’t bend like metal handles. Lids are easily removed with your hands. Weight is 1 lb., 13 oz, each.

Price: $15 each.

Bucket Carriers:

Great for conditioning hikes - Save wear and tear on your panniers by using these bucket carriers for conditioning hikes.  Fill up milk jugs with water and place in 4-gal. buckets.  The water can be poured out along the way if needed to lighten the load and you always have water to drink if needed.


Makes transporting water easier - Take along a pair of single bucket carriers on pack trips for those times you make a dry camp.  Easily transport large amounts of water from the creek to your campsite.

To fit Decker or Sawbuck type saddles, order four adjustable loops at $16.00 per set.

Buckets not included. 

Carriers are sold in pairs. 

Single Bucket Carriers - hold one 4-gallon square bucket on each side
Double Bucket Carriers - hold two 4-gallon square buckets on each side.
For instructions on the double bucket carrier.

Price: Single pair $40.00

Price: Double pair $50.00

Price: Loops to fit sawbuck $16.00

Bucket-Folding: These handy little folding buckets are suitable for water or grain. The standard bucket measures 6” x 6” x 6” it holds 3-1/2 quarts and weights 6 oz. The large bucket is 8” x8” x8” and weights 7.5 oz. Both easily fold up and tuck away anywhere in your Flaming Star Pack. Keep a standard model in an outside pannier pocket for those llamas that won’t drink from a moving stream and a couple of large models in the main pack for at camp. Both styles stays upright when unfolded and the handle tucks away around the rim when not needed. The bright red color makes it harder to leave behind along the stream or at camp. 

Key Features:
Made of durable vinyl-coated polyester.
Bright red color 
Price: Standard, $10.00
Price: Large, $15.00

Browsing Mask:

Prevents browsing along the trail.

Can also be used as a spit mask.

Three layers of ballistic cloth on bottom for durability.


Price: $15.00 Each

Packing Accessories:

Llama Boots, Browsing Mask, Bucket Carriers, Bucket-folding, Buckets-plastic, Bungee String Along, Bungee Tether, Chest Plate, Cinch-2-pannier strap, Collar-reflective, color code tabs, mohair blend cinches, neck band, rain fly, rump strap, stuff sack, top load straps. 

Perfect for the packer, photographer,hunter, or bird watcher the new Flaming Star camp seats feature 420 denier Cordura material with a 1/2"
high density foam for comfort and insulation. Stored in your pannier or attached to your belt by the convenient webbing and Velcro straps the
camp seat will keep you comfy, dry, and warm/cool no matter where you are.

Price: $30.00

Double carrier - front

To order you can email (, call (559-916-8567), or use the contact us form on the website.

Rump strap shown in proper position for gelding or female.

The four inside straps attach to accessory rings on the saddle.  The two outside straps attach to the d-ring on the rear cinch.

Single Carrier - back

Now with an extra 3 foot compression strap!

Double carrier - back

Fits perfectly in a pannier with a 4-gal. plastic bucket or a second stuff sack (orange not available)

Single carrier - side

Closed for travel


The Orange Screw is an innovative and easy to use ground anchor made of 100% recycled materials and manufactured in the U.S.A. Orange Screws are lightweight, rust proof and nearly indestructible.

Always wanted that perfect balance of weight and strength when staking out your llamas, goats, or dogs? Than now is the time to upgrade your gear and use the Orange Screw to replace those heavy, rusty metal dog tie outs.

Each ground anchor is 12-1/4" long, with 1-1/8" maximum thread diameter and yet weights only 3.6 oz! The protective case works as a handle to screw the anchor into the ground.

Price: $12 each 

10"x10" stuff sack adjustable height up to 17" Shown uncompressed (orange not available)

Rump strap used with Trail Boss.

Rump strap used with FS saddle on miniature donkey.

Straps stow out of the way when not used.



Top load straps ready for use.

Mohair Blend Cinches:
Fifteen-strand mohair blend cinches feature a double ring for helping to tighten cinch properly. The d-ring is used to link cinches together to keep the rear cinch from riding too far back.
Nickel plated hardware. Available in 16", 20", and 26" lengths. One 16" and one 20" cinch are included with each full-size pack system.  Ordered separately.

Price: $20.00 each

Mohair Blend Cinches shown on sides.

Top Load Straps: Top load straps attach to the saddle or panniers to secure top loads either lengthwise or cross wise.  A pair comes installed on  every full size pack.  Two loops of yellow 1" lightweight webbing with web clamps fasten to accessory rings on either saddle or panniers.  Two 36" lengths with d-ring attach to opposite accessory rings to lash top loads either lengthwise or crosswise.

Price: $10.00 Per Pair

Stuff Sacks: This square-bottom stuff sack was designed specifically for the Flaming Star panniers.  It's a great sack to hold your clothes or your sleeping bag and fits perfectly next to a 4-gal. plastic
bucket.  Use a bucket and a stuff sack on each side for easy packing! Made from waterproof 420-denier pack cloth with roll-down, self-closing top with side release buckle.  Seams are not sealed.  Available in black,
hunter green, red, royal, purple, and burgundy. 

Price: $15.00 each


Now with extra compression strap! 

For more details 

White bucket sold separately.  Shown here for size comparison.

Rump Strap: With a properly cinched saddle, most llama packers will not need a rump strap.  For those times where the load or the terrain make it necessary, or for goats, donkeys, ponies or miniature horses, we offer a rump strap that is fully adjustable.  Quick release buckles on the four side straps make it easier to put on or remove the rump strap on the trail.  Available in the same colors as the packs.  For instructions

 Price: $50.00 each

Rain fly: Note: 
The degree of water repellency varies among rolls of pack cloth. 

If it's critically important that the rainfly be 100% waterproof,

please email me.  Each roll of fabric is tested for water resistance

as it comes in.  Currently, hunter green, bright orange, and

black are the only colors that passed the test of holding water for

3 hours with no leakage.  Click here for directions for using the rainfly.

The rainfly is made from 420-denier, coated pack cloth and

measures 40" x 57".  It has a draw cord around the perimeter

with large sturdy plastic hooks in each corner for attaching to

the d-rings on the bottom of the panniers.  There are many uses for a rainfly around camp.  Sit on it and spread out your kitchen on damp or dusty ground.  Feed your llamas grain on it for no waste.  Throw over your panniers at night to keep off the dew. 

Colors:  red, royal, forest green, purple, and black.      

Price: $40.00 each

All the features of the regular plus two adjustable straps (chest and belly) and nylon D-rings for converting to a llama blanket in bad weather.  A corner pocket stows the straps.     

Price: $60.00 each

Trail Boss
Made from the same coated 420d pack cloth as the regular and deluxe and measures 26" x 43".   

Price: $35.00each