Thanks so much for your beautiful work, it's a real pleasure to put your products on my boys!

        Carol R, Washington 1/14

        I have been meaning to let you know how wonderful the Llama coat is on
        our Llama. She looks great and is no longer cold when the temperatures
        go down below zero. Thank you very much for your excellent service.

        Elizabeth F, New York 2/13

        The coat is so gorgeous! I can’t believe you charge so little for it.
Anne S, Maryland 1/13

        I bought some gear from you last year, so far I am
        very happy with the equipment and having a great time with the llamas.

        Ivar from Norway 1/13

        I thought I would send you a picture of Max in his blanket and to let
        you know that it fits him extremely well. He seems to be very
        comfortable in it and the blanket has been easy to put on him. As he
        will be 19 this year, our vet suggested that we start blanketing him in
        the cold weather as he has always lost weight in the winter months. Your
        blanket is very well made and we just wanted to let you know and to
        thank you.

        Donna McMann

        Former Owner

        Llamas and More Catalog 3/12

      I bought a used FS pack from you a few months ago. I've used it several
      times and I really like it a lot. It fits both of my hard-to-fit llamas
      extremely well. It stays put on their backs , and it seems really
      comfortable for them.
Mary V, Colorado 1/12

      First of all, I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the
      side-release buckles in the three halters that I ordered from you last
      time. They have proved to be very safe, quick and easy to use! The halters
      as well are perfect.
Kaylee D, Washington 1/12

      I had a girl who did not put on enough weight after nursing her cria last
      year and wore [the coat] from the day it arrived, January 5, until
      about the second week in March 24/7. I checked the coat daily but there
      was never any loosening or worked great. She also was in
      great shape when spring rolled around thanks to being warm and toasty all
      winter.  I really would like to thank you again for all your work
      with the first coat and now the cria coat. I would much rather give my
      business to you instead of some large supply house. You have no idea how
      nice it is to know be able to talk to you directly and know that you put
      pride in your work. I only wish more businesses in this country were run
      like yours!
Lucas F, Vermont 1/12

      Wow Barb, what a nice job on the Llama coats. I like the adjustments you
      have made, the extra sewing in the lining, the wider girth pad, larger
      Velcro on the front closure, a little heavier insulation, I can't wait to
      put them on the four today. Thank You for Your Creativity
      on the new look for the Coats, "Exquisite Job You Did".
Brenda E, Washington 10/11

    I got [my order] the other day. Thanks! And I really appreciate you keeping
    the shipping cost down.
Alan W, Utah 07/11

    Thank you for all your wonderful equipment and your
    excellent service.

    Heather K, Oregon 06/11

    I LOVE the halters, exactly what I wanted.  They are
    so bright.... perfect for what I like, and use them for.

    Linda B, Washington  06/11

  I’m a King County 4Her, and I work with llamas and alpacas. I just wanted to
  say that I LOVE your products, I’ve bought several halters from you before and
  they’re still wonderful, durable, and comfortable for my animals, but sadly,
  my alpacas have gotten bigger and outgrown them! So I’d love to place an order
  for some new ones.

  Kaylee D, Washington 05/11
  I received the coat and neck warmer.  It is beautiful! So much thicker
  than I expected! I can't imagine the 2  I was surprised by the
  addition of the DVD and pretty purple pen!  Thanks.  I like having a
  hard copy of your catalog, also.

  Karen M, Virginia 02/11


  Hi Barb, I received the order today and I just wanted to thank you!  It's
  so refreshing to do business with someone that does what they say they
  are going to do. Unfortunately, this is a somewhat rare quality in business 

  Wayne D, California 02/11